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Catherine King 'Come Back to Me' (Independent/USA Import)
Music will never disappear out of your life and that can also be said about Catherine King, a singer/songwriter from Boston, who graduated from Berklee College of Music in the late 80's with a degree in music education, but spent the next 15 years raising a family. However, in the 2000s she started her music career again and recently she released a new mini-album titled Come back to me, which consists of 6 songs. Although mostly semi-acoustic based around Catherine’s guitar and vocals, she got help from Jon Evans (on Irish Bouzouki, Dobro, Pedal Steel, Bass, Electric Guitar, and Backing Vocals) and Liam Hogg, who played drums. Catherine has a SUPERB melodic voice that just sounds incredible, one of a kind, while the music is very relaxing folkish pop/rock, singer/songwriter based in a calmer 1970s style, with some beautiful melodies. Highlights are Come Back to Me, Boston Girl and especially Beautiful Toronto, but every song sounds really great. Catherine’s voice makes you want to keep listening over and over again, because she is that good and comparisons to Joan Baez are of course possible, but it’s best to judge yourself at: http://www.catherinekingmusic.com/biography (Points: 8.4 out of 10)
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“This song brings back the old country/folk songs i grew up with. Good music with a purpose and a point. It seems to be trying to bring back that old feel good music or just get people to remember the way things used to be. We need more music like this, it is just too bad that most today are not interested in music like this anymore.”

“10 out of 10. What a beautiful song. The lyrics and wonderful. They flow together and it tells a story of a woman and her father who has passed. The singer has a lovely voice and the music (specifically the guitar) is soothing, simple, and peaceful. The song touches the emotions and was really good.”

“Good lyrics and awesome voice or artist makes listener feel very good. Karaoke with guitar makes song more beautiful to listen. Overall very good songs feel like to listen more and more .I too miss my dad...awesome song.”

“Vocals are great and on point.Lyrics are good and tells a nice story. Wish the song would speed up at some points, but understand why it doesn't. Song is very nice and I'm sure her Dad is watching her from heaven. Very great song and lyrics, her dad should be proud.”

“I love that this is a song about a relationship between a father and daughter, after the father passes.It 's a very relatable song. Very emotional. Nice strong vocals, and deep meaningful lyrics. The melody is soft and comforting. Beautiful! What an inspiring song!”

“This song is beautiful in its simplicity. The acoustic guitar gives it a homey feeling that relaxes the listener. The lyrics are simple, giving the story of a lifetime and relatable to girls and their relationship to their fathers. The vocalist is soothing and makes you want to sit back and just enjoy the time you have.”

“I really like this song. It has a great home touch to it. It also has plenty of love in it. The details of her and her feelings for her father are great. I would love to hear this song on the radio.”

“The beat of the music and the lyrics are well blended with the voice. For a moment I was lost in my childhood years! The song is well written that emphasizes the bond of a daughter and father that lasts forever. The relaxing beat brings you back to those days. Beautiful voice too.”

“This song wraps folk and new country very well. I felt that the main hook took to long to develop but overall it was a good track. The singer has a very distinct and original voice which complements the overall emotion of this track. I do feel that the final mix was a little off. The tone of the guitars could have been a little more noticeable. Overall, this is a quality track that will have no problem selling.”

“The female singer was so radiant and warm, I really enjoyed their tone, they're smooth, inviting and mellifluous. The delicate strings of the guitar are the right kind of match for the singer, their tones match up quite well and it is very suitable to the lyrics too. The lyrics themselves were really well written, they flow from verse to verse wonderfully and there's plenty of feeling and substance to them. I think a piano would enhance the song even further, but that 's just a minor suggestion.
Overall the song is wonderful and brilliantly performed, especially from the singer who is very talented indeed.”